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CPD1h 10m of CPD
First Published
Updated05 November 2017
Expires 31 January 2019
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia

Course Overview

This Course is designed to update healthcare professionals on the syndrome of delirium in older patients. Delirium will be defined and explained, and nursing management will be discussed. Specific delirium screening tools will be presented in great details, allowing health professionals to better recognise the syndrome of delirium in older patients.

Topics include:

  • What is delirium?
  • Epidemiology
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Delirium management

Target audience

All health professionals who work with older adults who may have delirium.


Update health professionals on the syndrome of delirium, ensuring the appropriate application of prevention, assessment and management strategies to improve outcomes of care.


Delirium is an acute disorder of attention and cognition that affects as many as 50% of the older population (those aged 65 years or older). Delirium is common, serious, costly, under-recognised, and frequently results in institutionalisation and death.
Delirium has been likened to a cognitive superbug penetrating all healthcare environments, spreading across acute care, residential aged care and the community.
Delirium Guidelines indicate delirium is easier to prevent than to treat and that 30—40% of delirium cases are preventable. This Course examines delirium indicators and the subsequent poor outcomes, which justifies health professionals to ask, does my older patient have delirium?

Learning Outcomes
  • Define delirium and its causes
  • Identify and apply delirium assessment tools
  • Employ recommended principles of delirium management

No conflict of interest exists for anyone in the position to control content for this activity. Wherever possible, generic or non-proprietary names of medications or products have been used.


Portrait of Judy Deimel
Judy Deimel

Judy Deimel is the inaugural SA Health, CALHN Neurology Memory Service Nurse Practitioner (NP), a role she has held since March 2017. Judy’s prior work has included Dementia Consultant with the national Severe Behaviour Response Team (SBRT) and Cognitive Health NP with the Northern Adelaide Nurse Practitioner Project. Her chief educator roles have been with CALHN Nurse Education of the cognitively impaired; Course Coordinator and Lecturer with the University of SA School of Nursing & Midwifery’s post graduate program and HammondCare Dementia Centre Dementia Consultant. See Educator Profile

CPD1h 10m of CPD
First Published
Updated05 November 2017
31 January 2019
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia
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