Episode 1 - Let's Talk About (Your Favourite) Drugs


Published: 05 March 2016

Welcome to the first episode of the new Ausmed Handover podcast, my name is Darren Wake, and today, I want to talk about drugs….

Why? Well, because there’s a ton of good quality research out there that’s been done with very large numbers of nurses over a long period of time that tells us exactly this sort of information, and most everyone has a vested interest and indeed a fascination with this kind of data: you’ll find similar research out there looking at the use of recreational drugs by doctors, dentists, pilots, policemen, firemen, ambulance officers and soldiers. Basically, everyone wants to know what the statistical likelihood is that the person to whom you have entrusted your life and wellbeing is stoned off their tree.

What I’m talking about here are drugs that are widely described as recreational, not medicinal. Although many of the drugs I’ll be talking about do have well-established medicinal uses, I’m really looking at those drugs that nurses take purely for the buzz the provide. I’ll be including both the legal and the not so legal varieties, otherwise the podcast just wouldn’t be fun, and we’ll be looking at who takes what, how much they take, how often, and if certain drugs are favourites amongst certain speciality areas of the profession. To wrap up the episode, I’ll be looking at how nurses compare to the population in general in the getting high stakes.

But first, let’s review those wonderful chemicals that are included in virtually all of the research I’ve been looking at.


Portrait of Darren Wake
Darren Wake

Peripatetic and always intellectually restless, Darren Wake has pursued varied careers in journalism, media production, academic philosophy and nursing. As a nurse, he worked in the speciality areas of critical care, community care, remote area healthcare and education. As a formally qualified academic philosopher Darren taught undergraduate units in law and ethics in healthcare, although his principle research focus revolved around logic and the philosophy of language. Darren’s media production output can be found scattered about the Ausmed website and in his long forgotten days as a word monkey, he wrote for European publications such as The Scotsman, The Great Outdoors, Country Walking and The Times. In 2014 Darren consulted to the Department of Health for the development of Consumer Directed Care policy and guidelines for remote area communities in the Northern Territory. These days he is the managing editor of a small independent publishing company based in the United Kingdom, and lives in Tasmania. In his spare time, Darren is currently studying a formal course in celestial navigation, just in case the inevitable zombie apocalypse messes with the world’s GPS satellite system. See Educator Profile