Predicting Perinatal Mental Illness

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Perinatal mental illness is defined by The Royal College of Psychiatrists as mental health problems that complicate pregnancy as well as the postnatal period. Overall, in Australia, perinatal mental illness affects up to 1 in 5 expecting or new mothers and 1 in 10 expecting or new fathers

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Childbirth and new motherhood carry an expectation of joy and happiness, but it’s also a time of great emotional upheaval. As new parents face adjustments to their lifestyle and relationships, significant mental health problems can develop. This can potentially disrupt the care of the newborn and challenge established family dynamics.

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Anne Watkins
Anne is a freelance lecturer and medical writer at Mind Body Ink. She is a former midwife and nurse teacher with over 25 years’ experience working in the fields of healthcare, stress management and medical hypnosis. Her background includes working as a hospital midwife, Critical Care nurse, lecturer in Neonatal Intensive Care, and as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for a company making life support equipment. Anne has also studied many forms of complementary medicine and has extensive experience in the field of clinical hypnosis. She has a special interest in integrating complementary medicine into conventional healthcare settings and is currently an Associate Tutor, lecturing in Health Coaching and Medical Hypnosis at Exeter University in the UK. As a former Midwife, Anne has a natural passion for writing about fertility, pregnancy, birthing and baby care. Her recent publications include The Health Factor, Coach Yourself To Better Health and Positive Thinking For Kids. You can read more about her work at
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Sally Moyle
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Nurse Educator
Sally Moyle is a rehabilitation nurse educator with Epworth HealthCare. She has completed her masters of nursing (clinical nursing and teaching) and has experience in many nursing sectors including rehabilitation, orthopaedic, neurosurgery, emergency, aged care and general surgery. Sally is passionate about education in nursing in order to produce the best nurses possible.
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29 Dec 2022
Well written and easy to understand. Very informative and relevant.
25 Dec 2022
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Great resource
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03 Jan 2020
Simple revision
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30 Mar 2021
well researched and informative
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23 Jan 2023
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Great read, very good overview of the topic.
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24 Feb 2023
Easy to follow and very relevant
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24 Mar 2022
Great article, very informative
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17 Mar 2023
I want to enhance my knowledge in this field.
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01 Feb 2023
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