Supporting People Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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The reality is, however, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very real phenomenon. It’s not a new ‘fad’ or a ‘cosmetic diagnosis’ invented by pharmaceutical companies to push the increased use of medication, or by barristers as an excuse to get people off serious charges in court.

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<p>Sitting in my local with some friends last year, a story on the local evening news got our attention. A well-known local police officer, a 'man’s man' and all-round nice bloke, was facing charges for high-range drink-driving. His lawyer's defence? ‘My client is suffering post traumatic stress disorder as a result of his work, and his maladaptive coping mechanism was to drink alcohol to escape the pain and distress he has been experiencing.’ The hotel quickly erupted with cynical abuse and criticism: ‘It’s just a weak excuse’ 'Tell him to toughen up and take responsibility for his own behaviour’ ‘He </p>

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Geoffrey Ahern
Senior Mental Health Clinician
Geoffrey Ahern is a senior mental health clinician with the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the North West Mental Health Team, and director of the Informed Mind Consultancy education service. Geoffrey has experience in emergency, trauma and psychiatric nursing, as well as rural nursing and alcohol and drug counselling. Geoffrey has a passion for education, from individual mentoring to tertiary lecturing, and is interested in the intersections between mental health and nutrition.
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Olivia Sturgiss
26 Jan 2021
well written and evidence-based
Portrait of Colin Gardiner
Colin Gardiner
19 Apr 2020
Good topic and discussion
Susan Wicks
14 Apr 2021
A great article that explained the beginnings of trauma diagnosis and the discoveries made by researchers.
anne littley
15 May 2020
excellent inform,ation
Danielle McGuire
27 May 2020
good article
Angela Potter
21 May 2021
Very good article
Cheuk Ng
11 May 2020
Very informative and have examples such as mva patient is very high risk on developing ptsd, and they would need to have both medication and psychiatric theory treatment.
Kevin Porter
10 May 2020
excellent readings.
Nacole Strobel
13 Feb 2021
Good Refresher
Christine Burke
08 Jul 2020
I believe that it should be called Post Traumatic stress only. Recovery into discovery because of trauma. Thankyou. I enjoyed the read.
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