Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain in Nursing

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Nurses are constantly on their feet. Besides back pain, one of the most common painful conditions that plague nurses is foot pain. One of the most common causes of foot pain is plantar fasciitis. Contributors can include obesity or regularly wearing shoes with inadequate support.

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It seems like nurses are constantly looking for the perfect pair of shoes or inserts to make their shift as well-cushioned as possible. Some nurses swear by certain brands of shoes, while others stick to the method of compression stockings to help ease aching feet. One of the most common causes of foot pain, found often in athletes, is plantar fasciitis - though you don’t have to exercise to acquire this ailment. Contributors can include obesity or regularly wearing shoes with inadequate support. Plantar fasciitis can cause crippling pain, and once you have it, it seems that no shoes or stockings are going to help.

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Kylie starick
02 Dec 2022
Registered Nurse
Easy to follow
Jennifer Wilson
12 Dec 2020
Very relevant to a lot of nurses and great that it includes treatments.
Hong Fung
29 Aug 2022
Registered Nurse
Good information
Jenene Clarke
16 Sep 2022
Registered Nurse Registered Midwife
very good
Ma Bernadette
22 Apr 2022
Odette Allwood
07 Dec 2022
Registered Nurse
Mary-Jo Roberts
25 Mar 2021
Good general resource that was easy to understand...
Portrait of Karen Gollan
Karen Gollan
24 May 2021
Interesting to read about ways to manage the pain associated with plantar fasciitis
Christina Atkins
30 Sep 2021
Alexandria judge
04 Aug 2020
I enjoyed that this module was aimed at nurses who are looking to prevent foot complications due to repetitive stress.
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