Planning With Consumers

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Providers are expected to work alongside clients in order to plan care and services that meet their clients’ needs, goals and preferences. Providers should communicate with the client about their preferences, assess their abilities and then deliver care that allows them to fulfil their goals.

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Providers are expected to work alongside clients in order to plan care and services that meet their clients’ needs, goals and preferences. Even if the client is experiencing challenges in their life, providers should support them to achieve their goals and live meaningfully while maximising their quality of life.

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Joann Raftopoulos
18 Aug 2020
Clear understanding of planning with consumers and why it is important
Bina Baniya
28 Mar 2021
Great resource!
Lalaine Lalaine
11 Apr 2021
I learnt lots of information and ideas by assessing the clients
Rekha Nayak
28 Apr 2021
Useful topic
Joanne Attwood
25 May 2021
I found the resource to be very useful and we'll use it each and every day
Mon Pace
11 Apr 2021
Carol-Anne Murphy
05 Jul 2020
Very precise and informative.
Dawa sherpa
01 Nov 2021
informative and good resource.
Lily Gbeintor
11 Feb 2021
It was simple and but relevant
Robyn Barker
04 Jul 2020
This was a short and direct learning tool that provided great information on the topic in a very easy to understand format.
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