Person-Centred Supports: NDIS Rights and Responsibilities

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Person-centred care is a holistic approach to healthcare that is grounded in a philosophy of personhood. It promotes self-determination, empowerment and a commitment to providing healthcare that is responsive to the needs and preferences of the individual. NDIS supports must be person-centred.

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The outdated view of clients as passive recipients of care has given way to one where individuals are now seen as active participants and partners in healthcare, with a valuable perspective and a vested interest in ensuring safe care. As such, the concept of person-centred care has become fundamental to quality practice. All providers of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services are required to deliver supports that are person-centred - but what exactly does this entail?

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Utku Gok
17 Sep 2022
Registered Nurse
good article
Sherryl Forster
06 Aug 2021
Excellent, everyone should read and apply this information.
Joanne NAGY
14 Jul 2021
All providers need to be continually be reminded of the term 'person centred supports' NDIS rights and responsibilities.
Portrait of Samantha Morley
Samantha Morley
15 Jul 2021
Positive learning which prompted reflection and action.
Nayomi Hansani
18 Sep 2021
Learnt new things and the given details are absolutely important for my work.
Julia Elder
05 Aug 2021
This review was very informative and has given me a better understand of what is required when caring for disabled or aged care people.
Lynn Hancock
20 Aug 2021
Great article with references
Portrait of Annie Bristol
Annie Bristol
01 Aug 2021
Information provided encouraged me to consider other diversion activities for clients with a disability needing care within the OT
Patrice Barker
19 May 2022
Enrolled Nurse
This was a short overview but covered well.
Portrait of Julia Slade
Julia Slade
29 Aug 2022
Registered Nurse
Great introduction
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