The Pelvic Floor - What is it and Why Should I Exercise it?

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More than 5 million Australians (one in four) experience bladder or bowel control problems. Incontinence can cause embarrassment, shame and even depression, and can affect anyone. Simple and quick pelvic floor exercises can be effective at preventing incontinence and reducing its impact.

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More than 5 million Australians (one in four) experience bladder or bowel control problems. Not only can incontinence cause embarrassment, shame and even depression - in 2010 the cost of incontinence to Australia’s economy was approximately $46.9 billion, or $9,014 per patient. Incontinence can affect anyone, but 80% of those living with incontinence are women. Despite this, men are less likely to seek help for their incontinence. Two-thirds of men refrain from discussing the issue with their general practitioner, and one-third delay anti-incontinence surgery for over five years.


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Zoe Hughes
Zoe is a copywriter and blogger from the UK. Once working as an Operating Department Practitioner in a busy Orthopaedic theatre suite specialising in regional anaesthetic techniques, she now writes for the health industry due to disability. Using the education and skills learned as a nurse, along with the experience of being disabled – Zoe is passionate about helping health professionals communicate better with their patients via social media, blogs and websites. In her spare time, Zoe is a governor at her local primary school, and is writing a play about invisible illness.
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Erika McGuire
29 Sep 2020
Great learning
Ashlea Maillard
22 Jul 2022
Registered Nurse
Quick and easy to understand
Karan Morrisey
03 Mar 2021
Excellent resource easy to follow succinct
Riley Parkinson
10 Jan 2022
This was a quick and easy read with very relevant and useful information about the pelvic floor and the importance of pelvic floor exercises.
Glenda Goodwin
24 Sep 2022
Good information
Nidhi Cody
21 Oct 2020
Easy to read and follow through along with reference for further reading.
Shipei Zhu
11 Nov 2020
clear and easy.
Elizabeth Patchett
27 Sep 2020
Thanks for reminding me about male incontinence, and attaching some links to exercises for men as well as women.
Lynee White
05 Mar 2021
Very valuable advice on post natal exercise.
Portrait of Donna Lalabalavu
Donna Lalabalavu
30 Sep 2020
Great read, especially as a health professional we encourage regular exercise for our patients to achieve health goals. So being made informed about the risks of what certain exercises can cause harm, is crucial to exercising safely.
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