My Morning Medications Round (mis-Adventure in Aged Care)

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It's reported that a common cause of medication errors is interruption and/or distraction to the nurse during the medication round. We can’t stop interruptions, and aiming for zero medication errors seems like a tall order, but there are several strategies we can consider to make the process easier.v

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Let's consider some of the potential causes for medication errors that can (and do) occur in a wandering dementia ward with, say, 14 residents. The 0730 hour round requires the RN or EN to administer/instil/inject/insert approximately 84 medications - an average of 6 per resident, be it insulin, eye drops, tablets, suspensions, inhalers or suppositories. How can we ensure that all of the prescribed medications are given?


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Christine Suter
Christine (RN, BN, MPHC) is an RN with 40 years experience, traversing the profession as an AIN, EN, RN, RM N.ED. to DON. She is currently in transition-to-retirement and working as a casual RN on the floor in a small rural hospital with an aged care facility attached. Her interests are aged care and particularly nurses; their working relationships, team dynamics and how nurse leaders and managers deal with the day to day complexities of leading and managing.
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Portrait of Kirsten Vigh
Kirsten Vigh
03 Nov 2023
Registered Nurse
Anne-Maree Ladewig
15 Apr 2022
Registered Nurse
Great reading and covered a lot of areas where things can go wrong.
Rashmila Ulak
13 Apr 2023
Registered Nurse
Great read
Ming Dong
30 Nov 2021
Great resource.
Portrait of Tara Amory
Tara Amory
22 May 2021
Good read
Amanda Peake
07 Jul 2019
Very much how the medication round runs in Aged Care.
elizabeth Leydon
24 Apr 2022
Registered Nurse
Joelaine Singh
06 May 2022
Shows great examples how distraction can happen on a usual medication round in Aged care.
Harpreet Kaur
17 Apr 2023
Student Nurse or Midwife
Informative resource.
Portrait of stanley catts
stanley catts
19 Feb 2020
Disipline,engagement with your task will get the job done successfully
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