How to Develop an Effective Preceptorship Program

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There is a global shortage of nurses. It's also been found that turnover rates are higher for new nurses than for senior nurses, and that many of these nurses are leaving the nursing field altogether. Given this, there's a bigger need to recruit, mentor and then retain graduate nurses in the workforce. How?

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Often, new nurses will experience a culture shock as they transition from study to the workplace and this may lead the newly graduated nurse to feel overwhelmed, unsupported and disillusioned. A preceptorship program can decrease this stress, provide a nurturing environment for the newly graduated nurse, and allow them to learn, grow and adapt to their new role whilst being supported by their peers.


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Tara Avina
29 Mar 2022
Enrolled Nurse
This review was also a part of an assigment I am working on to become a RN, it has assisted with reinforcing a gap I knew that I need to work on. On self reflection I beleive that an excessive workload can impact on my preceptor role
Kenneth Yam
27 Jan 2020
Gerasimos SPATHIS
28 Aug 2021
Amy Leahy
21 Aug 2020
This resource provided a great overview of what is required to set up a preceptorship program for graduate nurses. Barriers that may occur were outlined in addition to what is necessary for the program to be effective.
Denise Hearn
08 Feb 2022
good refresher
Portrait of Vera Lêdo Lopes
Vera Lopes
21 Mar 2023
Registered Nurse
Alwyn Madyiwa
18 Nov 2021
Very Informative
Brianna henkel
10 Aug 2020
Gave ideas and suggestions on who should be a preceptor and what needs to be done for both parties to gain the most from experience
Una Warnock
30 Aug 2021
Very pertinent to retaining our new nurses and give them confidence in practising their knowledge and skills.
Samson Yigezu
16 Nov 2021
Very good resource.
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