Assessing Frailty in Older Adults

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Frailty is a multidimensional state of health that occurs when a person’s physical and cognitive reserves decrease with age, leading to increased vulnerability and reduced resilience to acute illness, trauma and other stressors in comparison to younger and non-frail adults. This Article looks at five of the most referenced screening and assessment tools for frailty.

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The term frailty refers to physiological decline associated with older age. People who are frail are among the most vulnerable demographic, with their risk of adverse health outcomes being considerably increased. While frailty is associated with the ageing process, frailty is not the same as older age, and it is not an inevitable part of ageing.


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Rosy Ali
02 Jul 2022
Nurse Practitioner
Karen Innes
14 Jan 2023
Registered Nurse
Informative- love reading about assessment tools and their pros and cons. New insights into frailty and busted a bias i had.
Phreciosa Patacsil
18 May 2022
Absolutely great literature I can always refer into. Must read!
PaTricia Rochford
12 Apr 2022
Excellent information.
Sandy Fisher
09 Apr 2022
Very informative
Andrea Teis
12 Apr 2022
Enrolled Nurse
Good reflection on renewed knowledge.
Suellen Gaynor
15 Apr 2022
Registered Nurse
Excellent resource covering Frailty: Causes,Risks, signs and how to respond to frailty.In addition the reading provided excellent resources to IDENTIFY LEVELS OF FRAILTY : 1.Frieds Frailty Phenotype(approach to measure Frailty) Clinical Frailty scale and 3.Frail scale/index and 4.Reported Edmonton frail scale
Lixin Xu
26 Apr 2022
easy to understand
12 Apr 2022
Very helpful
Portrait of grazia Prochilo
grazia Prochilo
04 May 2022
Registered Nurse
The course was basic and effective
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