Donning and Doffing PPE Correctly

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Donning (putting on) and doffing (removing) personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical process that requires significant care. This process, particularly the removal and disposal of contaminated PPE, is considered a highly important step in limiting exposure to pathogens.

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The term personal protective equipment refers to any clothing or equipment used for protection. In healthcare settings, PPE is used to create a barrier between you and any infectious agents that you may come into contact with during your work. The aim of this is to reduce the risk of touching, transmitting or being exposed to pathogens.


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Paula johns
03 May 2020
Nwakaego Anwasi
15 Oct 2021
The resources provided for this topic was easy to understand and quite informative.
Colleen Moses
10 Nov 2021
Good resource, easy to use, easy to understand
Rochelle Niven
27 Apr 2023
Nice to refresh
Kaylie Withers
30 Apr 2020
Timely learning. Essential information provided clearly and concisely.
Viet le
25 Apr 2023
Susanne Turner
01 May 2020
Very good
Portrait of Jacqueline Naughton
Jacqueline Naughton
21 Apr 2022
Registered Nurse
Simple and precise demonstration.
Portrait of Megan Elmore
Megan Elmore
25 Jul 2020
Very helpful for current times and to ensure ppe is used correctly.
Portrait of Leeanne brown
Leeanne brown
26 Jul 2020
This resource was clear precise and an excellent way to reinforce this procedure
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