Congestive Heart Failure: Common Reasons for CHF

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What’s to blame for congestive heart failure? There are at least 10 diseases and conditions that can lead your patients down the slippery slope to heart failure. This Article will explore some of them.

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Congestive heart failure is not a disease; rather, it is a cascade of events and ill-conceived compensatory efforts made by the body in an attempt to maintain an adequate ejection of blood from the left ventricle. The heart is doing its best… but in the long run, it’s making a bad job worse.


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Andrea Salzman
Andrea Salzman, MS, PT graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Master’s degree in physical therapy in 1992. Over the last two decades, she has held numerous prominent leadership roles in the physical therapy field, with a heavy emphasis on academic writing and administrative functions. Between 1995 and 1998, Salzman served as the Editor-in-Chief of an American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) journal. In 2010, Salzman received one of the highest honors given to a physical therapist from the American Physical Therapy Association, the Judy Cirullo Leadership Award. Between 2012 and the present, Salzman has written 12 physical therapy courses for Care2Learn, Relias Learning and reviewed over 100 other course offerings. Currently, Salzman continues in her writing, leadership and administrative roles at Aquatic Therapy University and 10K Health.
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30 Jun 2021
Great article and refresher that’s easy to read.
Meghana Shakya
18 Oct 2020
It helps to keep up with the knowledge and be updated..
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MIkka Jelinek
11 Oct 2020
Good refresher.
Florentina Soledad
24 Oct 2020
Jennifer Myer
14 Oct 2020
Great succinct info!
Dawn kerr
10 Sep 2021
Clear concise precise great coverage of cardiac failure
Lana Dent
17 Oct 2020
Very informative
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Julie Hallett
18 Nov 2023
Registered Nurse
very good well explained refresher
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Vikki Irwin
23 Oct 2020
Great resource
11 Nov 2020
Good article - great refresher.
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