Alien Hand Syndrome

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How would you feel if one of your hands began to move and perform actions on its own, and you were completely unable to control it? It would surely be a highly distressing and frustrating experience. As bizarre as it sounds, this condition, known as alien hand syndrome, is a very real and disabling, albeit rare, complication of certain neurological pathologies. So, what exactly is this phenomenon and why does it occur?

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Alien hand syndrome (AHS) is a rare neurological disorder wherein a person experiences involuntary, purposeful limb movements without having any conscious intention of performing them. Rather than spasms or convulsions, these involuntary movements are purposeful, coordinated and goal-directed actions that appear as if the limb is being controlled by another person.


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Pamela Boyd
13 Oct 2021
Well done, very interesting - have observed this so good to have an explanation of this.
Krystal Gettys
02 Jun 2022
Great subject
Roy Wheeler
08 Jun 2022
Hong Fung
02 Jun 2022
Nicola Bristow
03 Jun 2022
Great read, i have never come across this before but will be able to recognise the issue in future
Shondell esposito
11 Feb 2023
Janice Chan
02 Jun 2022
I’ve never heard of this condition, glad I came across this article
Claire Hein
19 Apr 2021
Portrait of Cassandra Bond
Cassandra Bond
12 May 2021
Quick and easy to read. Interesting information
Venus Fortaleza
09 Jun 2022
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