How To Assess a Deteriorating / Critically Ill Patient (ABCDE Assessment)

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Patients admitted to hospital expect to feel confident that should their health deteriorate, they are in the best, safest place for prompt and efficient treatment. This article will discuss how to assess a deteriorating/critically ill patient using the ABCDE (airway, breathing, circulation, disability and exposure) systematic approach.

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The ABCDE approach is intended as a rapid bedside assessment of a deteriorating/critically ill patient. It’s designed to provide initial management of life-threatening conditions in order of priority, using a structured method to keep the patient alive and to achieve the first steps to improvement, rather than making a definitive diagnosis.


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Cara Cara
31 Mar 2020
Good simple break down of procedures
Simrat Randhawa
26 Mar 2020
This resource is very informative and visual aids refresh my existing skills and knowledge.
Gursimranjot Singh
31 May 2020
Very informative
Arian Moran
24 May 2023
Great Reasource
Portrait of Angela Risstrom
Angela Risstrom
16 Oct 2023
Registered Nurse
a good refresher
Leonie McMahon
16 Jun 2021
Will presented. And easy to follow.
Robert Compassi
19 Nov 2021
As a new grad RN this was a helpful online learning, which allowed me to reinforce my knowledge of how to perform and A to E assessment.
Portrait of Debbie Parry
Debbie Parry
25 Mar 2020
Ausmed is a great way to review new and old practices
Nga nguyen
09 Apr 2023
Good topic
Alison Wright
21 Apr 2023
Very good reading.
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