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Wound Management Update – What’s New in Wound Care?

33m of CPD
Melinda Brooks
29 May 2017

Wound care is a factor of nursing that is constantly changing with the introduction of new products and guidelines. This useful lecture from wound management expert, Melinda Brooks, helps to keep you updated on the latest in wound care for nurses and midwives.


Melinda Brooks


Melinda Brooks has worked in wound management for more than 20 years in a variety of settings from the Victorian Adult Burns Unit, to community nursing, to research and lecturing in wound care at both Monash and Latrobe Universities. Melinda works in private practice as a Nurse Practitioner in wound management, following her endorsement in 2013. Her work is mainly in aged care and the community, providing consultancy and education. In 2016, Melinda and two colleagues began <em>Wounds R Us</em> – a collaboration which provides wound management education to clinicians around Melbourne. Melinda has presented at many state and national conferences and thrives on teaching others about the importance of holistic wound management. Melinda is currently a member of the Wounds Australia Education Pillar and committee member of the Wounds Australia national conference 2018.


Chia Wen Leow21 May 2018
This is a very good summary on the update of wound management.

Linda McKenna16 May 2018
Great content. Some problems with video playback

Laura Poyner15 May 2018
Great info

Jessica Clissold10 May 2018
Very good information

Natalie Mahar01 May 2018
Fabulous CPD for any practice nurse who Isco dealing with wounds every day

Speaker was knowledgeable and had conviction with the evidence provided.

Julie Doidge30 Apr 2018
Very Informative

Linda Kennedy30 Apr 2018
The wound care education was appropriate to length of time allocated for the presentation

Dorothy Bardoutsos30 Apr 2018
The topic is highy interesting

Helen Felsch30 Apr 2018
My passion is wound care and of course the presenter appeared to have an extensive knowledge of conditions and treatments within her practice. So I found the revision very interesting and easy to absorb.

Jennifer Margaret Polglase30 Apr 2018
I thought this topic was well covered but presenter had to speak too quickly to fit it all in.

Sam Murphy29 Apr 2018
The presenter was engaging & covered important facets of sound care management

Janelle McIntosh29 Apr 2018
Great Video very informative

Blue Stockmann29 Apr 2018
Relevant and clear

Debbie Danieluk29 Apr 2018
The educator was proficient in her knowledge of wound care.

Kristy Phelan29 Apr 2018
Very informative and feel I have gained new knowledge I can put to use.

Sarah May Twibill29 Apr 2018
A very informative refresher on wound management and up to date guidelines.

Chunling Yang29 Apr 2018
The lecture refresh and reinforces my existing knowleges which helps me to provide better wound care for my residents

Shannon Fox29 Apr 2018
Good up to date lecture on wound care

Ulrike pearce27 Apr 2018
Easy to understand very informative

Hayley Mackay27 Apr 2018
Very informative

Xi Wu27 Apr 2018
Clear lecture, good knowledge

Mia Dowling-Priest26 Apr 2018
Very informative. Well presented

Shiny Poovakulam26 Apr 2018
Reinforced existing knowledge

Kathryn Haines26 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation

Chetna Sharma26 Apr 2018
Very informative.

shea Hine26 Apr 2018
Short and sweet, learnt many new things.

Daughne Feckleng26 Apr 2018
Well presented

Marie Jackson26 Apr 2018
Informative and well presented

Judith Biggin24 Apr 2018
A very interesting presentation and great speaker

Jenna He19 Apr 2018
Good update on wound care

Nikki Goldfinch11 Apr 2018
Very informative

Christine E Fletcher05 Apr 2018
Informative and well presented

Rebecca Warnock02 Apr 2018
Lot of useful knowledge

JuliE Mckay28 Mar 2018
Really well presented

Juliet Melano04 Mar 2018
Good overview.

Tracy Halliburton22 Feb 2018
Excellent information that’s easy to apply for better results.

Geraldine luker15 Feb 2018
A very valuable and informative resource, well presented with much information to update skills.

felicity Goswell06 Feb 2018
I found this very helpful.

Gwenneth flaherty21 Jan 2018
fantastic..... great presentation ..informative and interesting.

Lesley Brookman11 Dec 2017
Excellent presenter, very knowledgeable and confident in her delivery. Would highly recommend this seminar.

Mark Randy Arroyo12 Sep 2017
Very informative. Needs more implementation.

Jennifer soutar26 Aug 2017
Excellent informative lecture

Maureen Beverley Ann LAING14 Aug 2017
Sadly didn't get to see the image slides that would have helped greatly with this so called educational video....... ????

jude desjardines12 Aug 2017
good talk, hugely disappointing clinical images could not be seen!

Elizabeth Mostard09 Aug 2017
Not seeing many interesting wounds working in midwifery, this was an informative talk on current wound management. It was a shame though that the pictures of the different wounds wasn't allowed to be shown.

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