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A comprehensive wound assessment and management update for all health professionals involved in wound management. Join Melinda Brooks, a highly experienced and skilled wound nurse practitioner, as she guides you through the 101 of wound assessment principles, infection prevention strategies, and the basics of aseptic technique.


Melinda Brooks

Melinda Brooks has worked in wound management for more than 20 years in a variety of settings from the Victorian Adult Burns Unit, to community nursing, to research and lecturing in wound care at both Monash and Latrobe Universities. Melinda works in private practice as a Nurse Practitioner in wound management, following her endorsement in 2013. Her work is mainly in aged care and the community, providing consultancy and education. In 2016, Melinda and two colleagues began <em>Wounds R Us</em> – a collaboration which provides wound management education to clinicians around Melbourne. Melinda has presented at many state and national conferences and thrives on teaching others about the importance of holistic wound management. Melinda is currently a member of the Wounds Australia Education Pillar and committee member of the Wounds Australia national conference 2018.




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Excellent presentation, short and in depth..

Kalo Liga
09 Nov 2018

good, helpful information that was easy to understand

Ruth Curtis
08 Nov 2018

Clear and precise discussion

Andrea Stephens
13 Oct 2018

It was interactive and informative. Slide shows are a good way to engage.

Zoe hanna
12 Oct 2018


Theresa Diane Johnson
08 Oct 2018

great refresher

Rachel Freestone
03 Oct 2018

Very interesting and informative.

Julia Blackburn
15 Sep 2018

an excellent communicator

Wendy Boehringer
11 Sep 2018

It was a good refresher and the educator was knowledgeable and very client focused.

Elaine elizabeth bechaz
07 Sep 2018

great lecture

Baiba Leinasars
07 Sep 2018

Interesting and well presented

Sandra Lawrie
07 Sep 2018


Gowri ramasamy
05 Sep 2018

Short and sweet. Great lecture!

Caleb Fellowes
27 Aug 2018

Very good lecture. Gives great explanations.

Lei Zhang
08 Aug 2018

Its always great to refresh your knowledge and skills when working in Aged Care

Frances Mead
21 Jul 2018

This was a really good lecture - compact with useful, practical information.

Emma Louise Willcox
19 Jul 2018

It was good

Georgia Sinclair
19 Jul 2018


Kim Chalmers
18 Jul 2018

short and easy to understand, very informative.

Luz Biasion
16 Jul 2018