Demands of Working in an Interdisciplinary Team

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Lecture Overview

We've all heard of the term 'interdisciplinary team', but what about 'multidisciplinary team'? This new buzz term seems familiar, but are we actually clear on who the members of our multidisciplinary team are, and our role within it? Join Dr Vivien Lane as she demystifies this aspect of nursing practice, and using examples from her extensive experience, demonstrates how we can best work effectively within a collaborative team.


Portrait of Vivien Lane
Vivien Lane

Dr Vivien Lane is a nurse clinician who specialises in oncology and palliative care, with over three decades’ experience in education, research, and policy-making. Vivien's doctorate (2001) developed a "nursical" perspective on women's experiences of pap smears. Her research findings predicted the paradigm shift towards vaccinating both sexes against human papillomavirus (HPV). Vivien has held academic appointments at the University of Technology (UTS) and the University of Sydney, and she was a member of the inaugural Board of the Cancer Institute, NSW. See Educator Profile