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This lecture has expired and no longer available.


Genetic counselling is not used to predict all types of cancers. What circumstances would warrant genetic testing? Learn when it is relevant when treating a patient who has been diagnosed or has had a recurrence of cancer.

Recorded: 19 Nov 2015


Informative. -- 05 May 2018
The lecture was very good -- 02 May 2018
I found the lecture very interesting however it was difficult to hear part of it due to echos in the background. -- 26 Apr 2018
Educator was engaging, however there has been an issue with the audio- difficult to hear and understand. -- 21 Apr 2018
Very good presentation. Easy to understand. -- 18 Apr 2018
Good information but hard to hear some of the audio. -- 14 Apr 2018
Sound made it difficult to hear. -- 10 Apr 2018
This is a good insight to know how genetic testing as well as the offer of education to patients has been made available. -- 08 Apr 2018
This resource provided excellent information that was given in an easy to understand manner. It has made me think about genetic testing and its relevance to my own health. -- 07 Apr 2018
Another informative session -- 06 Apr 2018
Clear speech, good direction and very knowledgeable. -- 03 Apr 2018
Clear presentation -- 03 Apr 2018
Interesting even though l dont work in oncology. Ocassionally we have patients who have had breast cancer and treatment. -- 03 Apr 2018
Very educative!! Thanks -- 21 Oct 2017


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