Sivanand Sooknandan
27 March 2017

Breaking the Ice: What is Methamphetamine?

Ice, Meth, Crystal, Shard, Glass... Everyone knows these names, but there is still a lot to know about this drug. Dr Sivanand Sooknandan is no stranger to treating people affected by methamphetamine, and in this informative and straightforward talk, imparts his knowledge on how this drug impacts on every facet of the human body and mind.


Sivanand Sooknandan


Dr Sivanand Sooknandan is a general practitioner based at Bacchus Marsh Medical Centre. He has worked in this local area of regional Victoria for many years. His practice includes consulting with people who have substance abuse issues and includes arranging inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation.


30 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018
Brief overview of methamphetamines, but a good source for a short education session.
10 Apr 2018
Well presented.
30 Mar 2018
Good basic knowledge of what "ice" does to the body.
21 Mar 2018

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