Sometimes we all need a little refresher on the basics. Veins, valves and arteries really are the lifeblood of our bodies. These structures are crucial to ensuring homeostasis is maintained, and that our bodies function optimally. Join Sue de Muelenaere as she takes you through this back-to-basics refresher on your A&P.

Recorded: 12 Nov 2017


This topic was explained very clearly. A great resource. -- 28 Mar 2018
Very concise revision -- 21 Mar 2018
The educator knew her topic well and presented it very clearly and in a very informative way. -- 19 Mar 2018
Great to review the systems and easily to understand the presentation. Very clear and clarified the formation of clots in the system -- 10 Mar 2018
wonderf.ul refresher ,thank you -- 01 Mar 2018
Excellent education, full of information relevant to my daily practice -- 12 Feb 2018
Great A&P refresher -- 06 Feb 2018
Fantastic and interesting topic was selected in this session.It helps to revise the basic anatomy and physiology. -- 04 Feb 2018
Very easy to understand -- 28 Jan 2018
Very easy to understand -- 25 Jan 2018
A very interesting lecture which was a good refresher in my anatomy and physiology knowledge. -- 31 Dec 2017
Very informative and wel presented. -- 16 Dec 2017
Great resource -- 16 Dec 2017
What a fantastic lecture, thank you so much. -- 13 Dec 2017
Useful and practical information. -- 10 Dec 2017