‘Honesty and Right to Know’ - how can you decide what information should be shared with a patient? This can be a great source of distress and discomfort amongst nurses at the bedside. In this presentation, Dr Linda Starr offers guidance in knowing how much information we should be disclosing, at what stage and to whom.

Recorded: 11 Oct 2017


Very good. -- 17 Apr 2018
informative -- 08 Mar 2018
Excellent -- 07 Mar 2018
Well, I didn't realise I was worried about trusting others until watching this! -- 26 Feb 2018
I found the educator to be very interesting and loved the topics that she discussed -- 16 Jan 2018
Interesting. -- 30 Dec 2017
well done -- 28 Dec 2017
This resource highlights the importance of continuous professional development as there are so many traps and pitfalls if you arrive at work half asleep -- 16 Dec 2017
Reinforces building trusting relationships -- 11 Dec 2017