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‘Honesty and Right to Know’ - how can you decide what information should be shared with a patient? This can be a great source of distress and discomfort amongst nurses at the bedside. In this presentation, Dr Linda Starr offers guidance in knowing how much information we should be disclosing, at what stage and to whom.


Linda Starr

Dr Linda Starr is a general and mental health qualified nurse, lawyer, and associate professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University. Her research interests have been in health law for health practitioners, criminal law, forensic health care, and elder abuse investigation and prosecution, which was the subject of her PhD. Linda is currently the chair of the state board of the Nursing and Midwifery Board, Australia, the director on the Board of Directors at the Aged Rights Advocacy Service, and is the founding president of the Australian Forensic Nurses Association. She has an extensive speaking record, nationally and internationally, on issues in health law, forensic nursing, and elder abuse.




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I’m not sure this topic should be advertised as it is. It is more of a very basic introduction to the topic, in that it doesn’t explore the ethical implications, and / or the how-to’s-and-what-to-avoid of either truth telling or trust building. Engaging and interesting, but valuable as a resource with more information.

Sarah Hennessy
13 Nov 2018

Very knowledgeable

Ruth Fisher
07 May 2018

I found this lecture to be quite insightful. The concept of trust is one we take for granted, but listening to this lecture has actually made me stop and reflect on my own practice and how the notion of trust comes into my every day practice.

Emma Edmunds
03 May 2018

Very good.

Maree Findlay
17 Apr 2018


Maureen Huggins
08 Mar 2018


Nicholas Stewart Cleave
07 Mar 2018

Well, I didn't realise I was worried about trusting others until watching this!

Patricia wilson
26 Feb 2018

I found the educator to be very interesting and loved the topics that she discussed

Peta Michelle Meek
16 Jan 2018


Gab Schaefer
30 Dec 2017

well done

Nicole Goodwin
28 Dec 2017

This resource highlights the importance of continuous professional development as there are so many traps and pitfalls if you arrive at work half asleep

Timothy Jane
16 Dec 2017

Reinforces building trusting relationships

Theresa Diane Johnson
11 Dec 2017