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Although toddlers are a delightful and trying challenge, food provides a perfect medium for the struggle for independence. Many toddlers use food to test their power, but others can create scenarios that gradually restrict their diet by avoiding new foods, or creating meal times that are a nightmare for the whole family.


Michele Meehan

Michele Meehan is a Maternal and Child Health Nurse currently working in her private practice, 'Parenting Matters', and lecturing on child health topics. Prior to this, she worked for 30years at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, as a Clinical Nurse Consultant. Michele holds a Master’s Degree in Health Science - Parent and Infant Mental Health, and wrote her minor thesis on the topic of 'Infant food refusal'. Her qualifications also include midwifery, community health nursing, health education and counselling and psychotherapy.




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Thanks - a great resource and some useful strategies to offer parents.

Sarah Stenson
26 Nov 2018

A great presentation. I particularly liked the anecdotes of patients or family members in regard to eating. Some great tips!

Pru Talbot
14 Nov 2018

Very interesting

Renee McDonald - Kettle
20 Aug 2018

I found this helpful not sure that the educator was a bit contending with some of her comments

Glenda Goodwin
27 May 2018

I recommend this education to every single person who has to try to feed a child. It should be part of prenatal care

Wilhelmina Hobbs
29 Apr 2018

Excellent informative lecture

Aimee Rattenbury
24 Apr 2018

Very informative

Devika Nandanimala
18 Apr 2018

I enjoyed this educational session online

Sarah Peacock
17 Apr 2018