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Lecture Overview

If you work in the perioperative environment or are thinking about transitioning to this challenging yet rewarding setting, this session will provide insight into the endorsed enrolled nurse's role, focusing on care specific to emergency situations. Become familiar with the different roles a nurse can have in the perioperative surgical team and how each interact in a typical day procedure.


Portrait of Rita Adnams
Rita Adnams

Rita Adnams has many years’ experience in clinical nursing practice in the perioperative area. She works as a perioperative nurse educator at a private hospital in Brisbane. She has also been an academic teaching undergraduate nurses at a university level and during that time completed a research masters, investigating the previous teaching and learning experiences of overseas educated nurses who come to Australia for further study and to gain Australian nurse registration. This research adds to the knowledge bridging the gap between nursing in Australia and their homelands.Recently, Rita has been involved in TAFE content writing and teaching for the diploma of nursing, certificate III in sterilising, and certificate III in health services (perioperative orderly). Rita also enjoys a role as part of a specialist outreach team who provide surgical services to regional indigenous children.



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Portrait of Maureen Boldiston
Maureen Boldiston
22 May 2019

Very good Rita Adnams is easy to listen to, Rita Adnams was very interesting to listen to. Very realistic putting value on each team member and giving an insight to encouraging Enrolled Nurses to further their skills.

Portrait of Lorraine Leafe
Lorraine Leafe
12 May 2019

very good and informative.

Generic portrait
Joanne Young
12 May 2019

Very useful and informative with the speaker using personal anecdotes to make the lecture entertaining

Generic portrait
Nicole Frost
15 Mar 2019

Interesting discussion

Generic portrait
Julian Rymaszewski
01 Mar 2019

Good overview of the operative experience and the phases it entails

Portrait of Kerry Lentini
Kerry Lentini
27 Jan 2019

was a well presented lecture. Good evidence base and case studies used to relate information to the workplace.

Generic portrait
Sonja Odette Benn
26 Jan 2019

A great topic, we could do with more like this

Portrait of Margaret Wubbels
Margaret Wubbels
15 Jan 2019

This was very food and interesting.

Generic portrait
Elizabeth cronk
17 Dec 2018

This is a fantastic resource for anyone who may not understand perioperative unit. It also has some great information of the roles within the perioperative unit. Rita is very engaging and explaining information to the audience .