Jane Stanfield
22 October 2017

The Nurse as a Healer

Understanding what it means to be a healer and practising self-care provides the foundation we require to compassionately care for others. This session, Jane Stanfield will look at how surviving and thriving in the emotionally-intense profession of nursing relies on us looking after ourselves first.


Jane Stanfield


Jane Stanfield is a health service improvement coach. She comes with 30 years’ experience in healthcare, half as a clinician and half in health administration, support and coaching. Having had a brush with burnout herself and several close family members receiving healthcare, her focus is on bringing compassion back to healthcare for all involved. Her current use of neuroscience and mindfulness at work enables healthcare providers to work with their own mind, emotions and behaviour to influence their culture in a way that will energise and motivate them as they manage the safety and reliability of their care and its focus on the patient—whilst caring for themselves. Jane is currently coaching several nurse leaders; and runs workshops on leadership, shaping cultures, wellbeing, and communication and patient safety (CAPS). Her most recent professional development personally is in LEAN thinking – reducing waste and improving flow in healthcare….because waste is disrespectful to people!


Barbara Clare Affleck16 May 2018
wonderful information

Barbara Clare Affleck16 May 2018
wonderful to be addressing this

alisdair Mackenzie13 Apr 2018
v good

Michele Selby28 Mar 2018
Thought provoking

Lei Zhang22 Mar 2018
good presentation

Elizabeth Makgeta 26 Feb 2018
The concept of “nurse as healer” is in itself vague and illusive. It is, however, a concept that is beginning to emerge in practice and in the literature. To begin to develop an understanding of “nurse as healer”, the following questions are addressed: Are nurses identified as healers in the nursing literature? In today's world of nursing practice, do nurses consider themselves to be healers? What healing practices do nurses engage i

Renu Renu05 Feb 2018
Very informative and enthusiastic session. Student nurse have better opportunity to be a great nurse in their workplace.

Norest Mashonganyika24 Dec 2017
well presented

James Parkinson12 Dec 2017
like Jane I have had a problem with my health from overwork and lack of sleep. No longer work on call or night shift

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