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Understanding what it means to be a healer and practising self-care provides the foundation we require to compassionately care for others. This session, Jane Stanfield will look at how surviving and thriving in the emotionally-intense profession of nursing relies on us looking after ourselves first.

Recorded: 22 Oct 2017


wonderful information -- 16 May 2018
wonderful to be addressing this -- 16 May 2018
v good -- 13 Apr 2018
Thought provoking -- 28 Mar 2018
good presentation -- 22 Mar 2018
The concept of “nurse as healer” is in itself vague and illusive. It is, however, a concept that is beginning to emerge in practice and in the literature. To begin to develop an understanding of “nurse as healer”, the following questions are addressed: Are nurses identified as healers in the nursing literature? In today's world of nursing practice, do nurses consider themselves to be healers? What healing practices do nurses engage i -- 26 Feb 2018
Very informative and enthusiastic session. Student nurse have better opportunity to be a great nurse in their workplace. -- 05 Feb 2018
well presented -- 24 Dec 2017
like Jane I have had a problem with my health from overwork and lack of sleep. No longer work on call or night shift -- 12 Dec 2017


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