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"Sepsis" is a word potent enough to strike fear into the hearts of even the most experienced health professionals, so it is no wonder that there have been concerted efforts in recent times to improve early detection and management measures for this condition. Join Joanne Reading as she presents an easy-to-understand and thorough talk on the recent updates to sepsis management.


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Joanne Reading

Joanne Reading is a clinical educator within the 42 bed ICU at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, which also services critically ill patients from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospital. Joanne holds a critical care graduate certificate and a master of health science with a focus on education. She is also the author of her own nursing education website called “Blogging for your Noggin”. With a special interest in all things cardiac and respiratory. Joanne is passionate about ensuring that education not only fosters critical thinking but is entertaining in the process!



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Craig Broomhall
23 Aug 2019

Extremely informative session from a very knowledgeable presenter.

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Nita Jago
27 Jul 2019

Excellent presentation of a common hospital presentation with new knowledge and evidence.

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Virginia Dixon
18 Jun 2019

This was a fantastic resource and presented so well! Thank you

Portrait of Loraine Pennycuick
Loraine Pennycuick
31 May 2019

I found this resource very informative and easy to understand. In particular I have learnt that by using the Quick SOFA score in assessing my patients I can be alerted early to the possibility of them progressing towards sepsis. I would then initiate the full SOFA assessment.

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Sum Chee Ho
30 May 2019

Valuable information was presented in this lecture

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Daphne Wilmot
30 May 2019

Very Informative.

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Nicole McAnulty
28 May 2019

Great teacher, explains the topic well and is easy to understand.

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Bonnie Daysh
28 May 2019

excellent resource. easy to listen to and everything was explained very well

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Alice jackson
21 May 2019

The old definition of Sepsis had limitations, where the new definition helps us recognize that something needs to be done immediately because sepsis is life threatening. This resource has helped my re-iterate the new sepsis pathways that have been implemented in my workplace, in order to recognize and treat earlier.

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Linda Walker
17 May 2019

Interesting and informative.