Supporting Family Carers

21m of CPD
Jennifer Daddow
16 May 2016

When the nurse's main focus is the client, the family carer's needs can easily fade into the background. Why should healthcare professionals be supporting family carers? With one story, one card trick and one tool, Jennifer Daddow provides a comprehensive explanation of the importance of supporting family carers.


Jennifer Daddow


Jennifer Daddow has extensive experience as a health and community adult educator, community development worker and project co-ordinator. She has worked with a range of diverse groups in the community, welfare and health sectors. Jennifer joined the Education and Training team at Carers Victoria in 2008. In that role she enjoys educational opportunities to improve carer health and wellbeing, facilitating workshops for carers and service providers. Jennifer has a Masters’ Degree in Health, and is a qualified workplace trainer and assessor.


Teresa Perry15 Mar 2018
Interesting talk and well presented

Teresa Perry15 Mar 2018
Really interesting talk and very well presented

Mark Randy Arroyo12 Oct 2017
Very informative