In a world without antibiotics, what will we do? Associate Professor Louis Roller ponders this very real scenario and presents some alternatives to antibiotics that may just see us through this era. With over 1 million people dying from antibiotic resistance in just 16 months last year, this threat to humanity is one that needs to be clearly communicated to every health professional.

Recorded: 14 Aug 2017


Very interesting topic. -- 26 Feb 2018
Interesting in area of bacteria phages -- 05 Oct 2017
Interesting information, more targeted at RN,DR level. -- 02 Oct 2017
Very interesting -- 21 Sep 2017
Very informative,lecturer engaging and interesting ,increased my knowledge on this subject -- 21 Sep 2017
Great speaker -- 21 Sep 2017
Amazing Louis you're a genius! -- 19 Sep 2017