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There is a link between a feeling of confidence and positivity, and physical strength. People who regularly exercise often pride themselves on their ability to achieve more because they feel fitter. Sports psychologist, Rachel Jones, explores the relationship between exercise and an ability to bounce forward when you feel under stress or duress, and some practical tips for incorporating movement into your day to day lifestyle.


Portrait of Rachel  Jones
Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones completed a Master of Applied Psychology specialising in Sport and Exercise at The University of Queensland. Rachel is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and is registered and endorsed as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. She is also a member and the current State Chairperson of the College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists. She has also lectured in exercise and sport psychology at Queensland University of Technology and social psychology at The University of Queensland.



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Portrait of Stephen Eldridge
Stephen Eldridge
15 Oct 2018

Very motivational and evidence based presentation.

Portrait of Elizabeth Mostard
Elizabeth Mostard
09 Aug 2017

A good positive talk encouraging us to move more and receive the health benefits associated with moving.

Portrait of Dean Hyland
Dean Hyland
01 Aug 2017

I found this presentation quite refreshing. Rachel has a great delivery process and projected her information with enthusiasm, professionalism and integrity.