In this presentation, Joanne Reading continues her fantastic series on ECG interpretation. Have you ever wondered where leads I, II, and III come from? Or why there are only 10 physical leads, but it's called a 12 lead ECG? Join Jo as she breaks down these complex topics into language and concepts you can understand. A great refresher for all health professionals.

Recorded: 18 Feb 2018


Thank you so much for making it fun and easy to understand how a 12 lead ECG is interpreted and why it is called a 12 lead ECG! -- 21 Apr 2018
Great lecture, good tips for remembering ECG interpretation -- 21 Apr 2018
Very informative, loved her tips on remembering things -- 19 Apr 2018
This resource was explained comprehensively, however it was done in a way that was not confusing. -- 19 Apr 2018
Very engaging. I learned more then I ever have and now feel I can begin to understand ECG printouts. -- 18 Apr 2018
Excellent resource! Recommend. I feel so much more confident in interpreting ECG's. -- 17 Apr 2018
excellent -- 16 Apr 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video "Simplifying 12 lead ECG interpretation" presented by Joanne Reading. She makes difficult concepts easy to understand and I came away knowing much more than I did previously. Thanks Ausmed! -- 15 Apr 2018
Really enjoyable and easy to understand -- 14 Apr 2018
Great -- 13 Apr 2018
Easy to listen to and understand, good diagrams however it would be beneficial to see what the lecturer is pointing to on the diagrams when I am listening . -- 13 Apr 2018
She was an excellent communicator -- 13 Apr 2018
Excellent resource, very informative and engaging! -- 12 Apr 2018
Excellent talk this lady was very informative -- 11 Apr 2018
Very well presented, simplified a complex topic in a way that one can easily recall without overloading of information. -- 11 Apr 2018
this helped me be mindful of the abnormalities. -- 11 Apr 2018
Very well put across with easy to understand analogies which will also aid in retaining this new knowledge. -- 11 Apr 2018
This was an excellent presentation that made ECG interpretation much clear. -- 10 Apr 2018
Great -- 09 Apr 2018
Fantastic interpretation ECG. Explained where leads I, II, and III come from? why there are only 10 physical leads.. Enjoy the lecture -- 09 Apr 2018
Very informative and very clear presentation. -- 09 Apr 2018
Well presented although repetitive -- 09 Apr 2018
Great overview of 12 lead ECG interpretation that was easy to understand. -- 09 Apr 2018
This was a very educational and professional presentation -- 09 Apr 2018
Very engaging. I was however, interested in knowing that if a laser pointer was being used, it would be handy to know where it was being directed (ie if at the slide presentation) because in this presentation, it was difficult to tell if it was moving the slide onto the next screen or you were pointing to some information that we could not see from our perspective. Other than that - excellent, I took quite a bit of information away from this. Thank you :) -- 08 Apr 2018
really clear discussion. She's great! -- 08 Apr 2018
Very good for students -- 08 Apr 2018
Very educative and informative -- 08 Apr 2018
So interested in this topic. Great learning -- 08 Apr 2018
Loved this lecture -- 08 Apr 2018
Was very helpful and easy to follow -- 06 Apr 2018
Very interesting and speaker was engaging. -- 05 Apr 2018
Very comprehensive -- 05 Apr 2018
A fun learning experience; very comprehensive. Good delivery. -- 05 Apr 2018
very informative. -- 04 Apr 2018
Very informative -- 04 Apr 2018