SEPSIS - When Time Matters!

34m of CPD
Sue de Muelenaere
21 February 2018

What does your lounge room couch have to do with the critical state of sepsis? Join Sue de Muelenaere for this frank and easy-to-understand overview of sepsis, and learn how your sofa can help you recognise the early symptoms of deterioration in a patient with sepsis. Ask yourself: would you be able to stop the infection before it progresses to sepsis?


Sue de Muelenaere


Sue de Muelenaere is a Registered Nurse with 15 years’ experience as a nurse educator. Sue completed a five-year bachelor of nursing degree in South Africa, which included training in psychiatric and community nursing and midwifery. Since then, Sue has worked extensively in the intensive care environment, during which she has presented various courses, including an honour’s degree, a diploma in intensive care, and various short cardiac and ECG courses. Sue also holds an honour’s degree in advanced nursing science (intensive care nursing) and diplomas in nursing education and nursing administration. She was the education manager in a specialised heart hospital where she was responsible for the education of all hospital staff, including non-nursing staff members. Sue is passionate about teaching. She maintains a special interest in all aspects of nursing the critically ill patient.


Sue Heath16 Oct 2018

Frances Mead01 Aug 2018
yes its always important to have a refresher on this subject

Melinda Fitzpatrick16 Jul 2018
Excellent and very well presented.

Kathryn morey03 Jul 2018

Harriet Travers14 Jun 2018
Very interesting and easy to follow.

Travis McAndrew12 Jun 2018

Lisa Stinchcombe11 Jun 2018

Hannah Charles06 Jun 2018
Very useful lecture, easy to remember steps created by speaker to assist in learning

Theresa Diane Johnson04 Jun 2018
Thank you

Annette richards02 Jun 2018
Excellent update on assessment and management os sepsis.

Kirsty walsh01 Jun 2018
Very Informative

Mark James30 May 2018

Sandra Lawrie30 May 2018
excellent lecture

Elizabeth Uhlmann30 May 2018
Great, quick preaentation

Jane Sharp29 May 2018
Very interesting; clear and easy to follow.

Jessica Sharpe26 May 2018
I work around patients with sepsis all the time and still feel like I learned from this - definitely worth watching for all nurses.

Marcelle White26 May 2018
Interesting information particularly about oxygen and lactate

Georgia Jones24 May 2018
Lecture was educational

annabel jane rogers24 May 2018
Fantastic resource. Recommend to all nurses, very experienced to new nurses.

annabel jane rogers24 May 2018
Very informative, and presented in a way that I will be able to remember.

Nathan Whinney23 May 2018
Outstanding education source which is relevant to my practice

Werner Cossid22 May 2018

Kim Sharkey22 May 2018

Linda Walker20 May 2018
Very informative, clear, relevant.

Mary Rothery19 May 2018
An informative talk

Kahondo Mutsa19 May 2018

Charmain Hatch18 May 2018
Very helpful lecture

Alex Cooper17 May 2018

Elizabeth Sternes17 May 2018
Lecturer was easy to listen to and explain all the reasons as to why we need to do th Bags in a time critical manner

Debbie Auld17 May 2018
Awesome lecture that every nurse should watch.

Katherine Bartle17 May 2018
Thorough lecture

Geetha Rani Ammini16 May 2018

denise richards15 May 2018
Very good

Melissa Weatherley15 May 2018
I found this session very informative

Michele shanahan14 May 2018
A wonderful presentation

Divina Evangelista11 May 2018
The educator was engaging and knowledgeable. I would surely recommend this education to other health professionals.

Kim Buckpitt08 May 2018
Well presented and good information

Mabel Cifuentes08 May 2018
Good educational video.

Jennifer Ryan08 May 2018
An excellent version of how to make a quick identification of possible sepsis

Paola Janine Elizabette Maagad Arandil08 May 2018
Very informative

Allana Mackinnon03 May 2018
I found this to be very informative and the educator was easy to understand

Sandra Nowell03 May 2018
I found this to be very informative.

Very informative session. Practical knowledge gained.

Rani Amarpreet Kaur02 May 2018
It is excellent learning module.

Jane Guerin01 May 2018
Engaging and thought provoking lecture given in a logical, easy to follow format.

Very interesting.

Kristy Nivison01 May 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed, excellent content and well presented

Dorothy Bardoutsos01 May 2018
The lecture was very good

Ruth Fisher30 Apr 2018
Very knowledgeable

Debbie Danieluk29 Apr 2018
Very knowledgeable and excellent presentation.

Bronwyn chappel29 Apr 2018
It was such a good lecture. I particularly like seeing the sepsis 6 in short form.

Jessica Clissold29 Apr 2018
Excellent lecture, very informative

jennifer Brown28 Apr 2018
I found this educator very informative and knowledgeable. This was a great lecture. Thanks.

Shannon Fox27 Apr 2018

Susan Mayne25 Apr 2018

cathleen Farewell25 Apr 2018
very informative

Jessica Tait25 Apr 2018
Informative and clear presentation

Jenna He25 Apr 2018
A well-explained clinical concept and an excellent presentation! Thank you!

Carly Harris23 Apr 2018
thanks :)

Jyotsna Pradhan23 Apr 2018
Great content

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Jhoanna de Castro22 Apr 2018
Great webinar

Blue Stockmann21 Apr 2018
Informative and relevant

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great - good refresher

Dawn Shannon19 Apr 2018
Very informative.

Trisha Eisenhuth19 Apr 2018
Excellent sessions, very knowledgable present. Easy presenting manner.

Wendy Boehringer19 Apr 2018
the educator was excellent

Andreas Waltmann18 Apr 2018
Educator is on top of her subject, was very informative with clear new evidince based practice taught.

Patricia McNeill18 Apr 2018
very well present and veryinformative a lot of new information learnt and will be able to take this inforn=mation back to my work place

Patricia McNeill18 Apr 2018
Well presented and very informative a lot of new information learnt will be able to use new information

Dianne Joy Beamish18 Apr 2018
Very informative. Clearly explained.

Orlando Marquinez18 Apr 2018
very concise and clear presentation and very informative too.

Dianne Joy Beamish18 Apr 2018
Very interesting and relatively easy to follow.

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Well presented and very interesting topic

siobhan sheehan16 Apr 2018
Very informative and well presented

donna yeo16 Apr 2018
Very useful information, especially about use of Ringers Lactate, and lactate readings.

Jacqueline Pirouet15 Apr 2018
Very interesting topic. I was vague on kknowledge of sepsis and its time critical management

Nicole Ferreira15 Apr 2018
Lots of information to take in but important

Nicole Ferreira15 Apr 2018
very interesting

Ingrid Slattery15 Apr 2018
the educator was engaging

Evelyn McDonald14 Apr 2018
Fantastic session.

Evelyn McDonald14 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation. I learnt a lot that I can apply to my work.

Eileen Mckeown14 Apr 2018
Very well presented

Sarah Moore14 Apr 2018
A very thorough lecturer. Well presented.

Jacqueline Mary Fiteni14 Apr 2018
I have improved my knowledge of sepsis and ways in treating sepsis by watching this lecture.

Brooke Hutchinson14 Apr 2018
Great resource.

Cecilia Jose13 Apr 2018
Very Informative!

Nida Deligero Lagunay13 Apr 2018
Very helpful resources.

Lauren Marriott13 Apr 2018

Susan Mitchell13 Apr 2018
Very interesting and informative.

Maria Josefina Noviza13 Apr 2018
a full understanding and knowledge of this topic is very crucial for nurses in order to save patient's life. very precise and well presented

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Well presented and interesting

Nida Deligero Lagunay12 Apr 2018
a very helpful resources.

Dorcas Bennett-Lartey12 Apr 2018
Very informative and interesting presentation.

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Valuable information

Michelle Peacock12 Apr 2018
It reinforced knowledge already obtained

Simon Elmaleh12 Apr 2018
Really good and informative

Kenneth Andrews11 Apr 2018
Valuable talk for all nurses for identifying and management of Sepsis

Oliver Fittock11 Apr 2018

Judy Berry11 Apr 2018
This was an excellent presentation. I would like to learn more so that I am able to provide a patient with the best care by being able to identify when a patient's health is declining to the point of suspecting sepsis. Immediate intervention is crucial for their survival.

Judy Berry11 Apr 2018
Well presented. Very valuable information. Thank you.

Sue petitt11 Apr 2018
Excellent easy to understand

Chetna Sharma11 Apr 2018
Very informative

Maria Serggia Vip Espina Cutaran11 Apr 2018
Good information

Margaretha van de Reyt11 Apr 2018
Very informative and easy to understand.

daniel kan11 Apr 2018
excellent !!!!!

Maree Findlay11 Apr 2018
Very good and easy to understand.

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