Alexandra Gillian
28 May 2018

Sepsis and the Significance of Early Recognition

This short and sharp refresher is a fantastic overview and update on the topic of sepsis, and will remind you why early recognition is so important. Using stories and anecdotes from her clinical practice, Alexandra Gillian will highlight how a simple infection and some vague symptoms can lead to life-threatening admissions to ICU.


Alexandra Gillian


Alexandra Gillian has been a Registered Nurse for 29 years and an emergency ambulance paramedic for 13 years, with intensive care qualifications in both fields. She has also obtained a cert IV in training and assessment. As director of, and principal trainer for, Confident First Aid Management Pty Ltd, her extensive experience in acute care settings has laid solid foundations for her delivery of accredited first aid and mental health first aid training conducted nationwide. In addition, she draws on her extensive general and specialised clinical experience when providing workshops and seminars. Alexandra is an engaging presenter with a passion for empowering colleagues to deliver the safest, most appropriate, patient-focused care.


Nicole Carmody18 Sep 2018

Christina MacIntyre12 Sep 2018
Excellent talk.I palyed this for staff on the surgical ward as tomorrow is World Sepsis day.

Judy Lindsay23 Aug 2018
Succinct and informative, relevant to any clinician working today.

Jo-Liene bell21 Aug 2018

Beverly Salt17 Aug 2018
topic was useful with tips recently warning signs

Julie Hallett15 Aug 2018

Michelle Cashman12 Aug 2018
Really good presentation

Judy Richmond31 Jul 2018
I would recommend this education to other health professionals:

Leah Evans, RN27 Jul 2018
This was a very engaging & informative lecture with pertinent course content that any medical professional would benefit from watching.

Edgardo boncales24 Jul 2018
Has reinforced my knowledge

Frances Mead23 Jul 2018
this was great, I have a better understanding of why we do the complete observations on a resident.

Jessica Bauer22 Jul 2018
It was good to hear the importance of ceftriaxone not being compatible with csl Also the importance of the elderly having a cold sepsis rather than a hot one

Ethan Grant20 Jul 2018
This resource was very helpful in enhancing my knowledge on sepsis and enhanced my knowledge on the pathophysiology.

Elizabeth cronk20 Jul 2018
This is a wonderful presentation. Clear and helpful for detecting early warning signs. Just has reinforce my education on Sepsis.

Kim Ngan Do19 Jul 2018
Good review of sepsis situations.

Andrea Stephens18 Jul 2018
Some very useful tips on monitoring septic patient

Neil Mcintyre17 Jul 2018
Unassuming but imparted an enormous amount of knowledge in a short time.

Melinda Fitzpatrick16 Jul 2018
Informative and well presented.

Anne Keogh-Jones16 Jul 2018
Excellent presentation, I felt like I was in the lecture physically.

Susan Dixon15 Jul 2018
This was an absolutely fantastic resource and so well presented and so appropriate. Thank you!

Ang Tian Cheng Sky15 Jul 2018
interesting lecture

Jayne andrea Postill15 Jul 2018
good and helpful

Jayne andrea Postill15 Jul 2018
fantastic overall view .. a brilliant summary of what to find and what not to do , dont be too complacent with any patient

Christine Hoare15 Jul 2018
Well presented

Jenna He14 Jul 2018
This presentation is a good summary of the knowledge of sepsis.

Pam Stuart-hensley14 Jul 2018
Great reminder to always keep an eye on your patient and 'don't trust anyone'.

Jola George14 Jul 2018
Very informative, very practical

polmar dayal13 Jul 2018
short and simple but had adequate information to improve my practice

Tanya Volzke13 Jul 2018
Excellent overview

Margaret Jack12 Jul 2018
Very educational and practical

Sue Engberg12 Jul 2018
Excellent and relevant.

Pamela Boyd12 Jul 2018

Carolyn Hawthorn11 Jul 2018

Anne Johnston10 Jul 2018
This was really informative lecture ful of useful information.

Briana wade10 Jul 2018
Amazing thanks so much

Stewart morris10 Jul 2018
Detailed information and interesting

Carmen Houston09 Jul 2018
Very informative talk .. enjoyed it

shea Hine07 Jul 2018
Very well presented - I am so glad I watched this today it may help me save lives/educate others in future. Thank you!

Terrie Edwards07 Jul 2018
very informative. well spoken

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