Advanced Epileptic Seizure Warning Methods

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This interesting session showcases a Melbourne innovation that has the potential to dramatically improve the life of patients who have epilepsy. For nurses, it offers early warning signs that a seizure may be about to occur. Associate Professor David Grayden explains the research that is underway to develop this new technology and looks at how it will work in the field.


Portrait of David Grayden
David Grayden

Professor Grayden is Associate Professor and Reader in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Deputy Head (Academic) of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Discipline of Biomedical Engineering. David's main research interests are in understanding how the brain processes information and how best to present information to the brain using medical bionics, such as the bionic ear and bionic eye. He is also conducting research in epileptic seizure prediction and electrical stimulation to prevent or stop epileptic seizures. See Educator Profile

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First Published13 November 2017
Updated13 November 2017
15 February 2018
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