Revolving Doors: Helping Older Adults Avoid Admission

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Lecture Overview

Older adults are at a constantly increasing risk of quite dramatic changes in health status, however, there are practical strategies you can practice to help prevent hospital admission and re-hospitalisation for this vulnerable population. Mark Pratt presents ways to avoid hospitalisation and improve the quality of life of older adults in our community that enrolled nurses can enact in their own practice today.


Portrait of Mark Pratt
Mark Pratt

Mark Pratt is currently working as a nurse practitioner for the frail older person on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. He works across community and inpatient settings to facilitate early discharge, and admission avoidance. This requires strong relationships with service providers and other health professionals. Mark has been a nurse practitioner since 2012 and during that time has been involved in a number of hospital avoidance programs in Queensland and New South Wales. He is passionate about people receiving care as close to home as possible. Mark has qualifications in aged care, health promotion and education, which provide a good basis for community interventions. See Educator Profile