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This follow-on talk from Dr Treasure McGuire provides a short and sharp look at some practical strategies that we can employ in our practice to reduce the risk medications pose to our older adults. As well as deprescribing and high risk medications, this talk also looks at the medication management pathway, and how individuals can affect change to the error rate at each step of the continuum.


Treasure McGuire

Dr Treasure McGuire is a medicines information pharmacist, pharmacologist, educator, and researcher. As assistant director of pharmacy, Mater Health Services, she manages their academic practice unit. She is also a senior conjoint lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland and associate professor of pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond University, where she lectures on complementary medicines, reproductive health, medication safety, and communicable diseases. In recognition of her services to medicines information, she received the Lilly International Fellowship in Hospital Pharmacy and the Bowl of Hygeia of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.




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Good for students.

Louise Hogan
13 Nov 2018

Really good information

Erin Farquharson
24 Sep 2018

Very interesting and informative

Stephanie Trebilcock
20 Sep 2018

this was very interesting and extremely useful for me in particular as I work in aged care.

Helen Bunnett
15 May 2018

Very informative and easy to understand.

Andrea Bogart
08 May 2018

I found this really interesting, and extremely useful to reflect on my practice

Jennifer Kerr
03 May 2018


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29 Apr 2018


wendy maggay
27 Apr 2018


Jennifer Francis
19 Apr 2018

Provided great insight into a growing problem.

Eliza Brandmeier
03 Apr 2018

good presentation

Lei Zhang
31 Mar 2018

Be vigilant on the effects and side effects of drugs and be a quick observant of patients adverse effects on drugs administered as per ordered.

Susana Ave
25 Mar 2018


Michele Selby
23 Mar 2018

Interesting short review of medication interactions and side affects to be aware of.

Catherine Foley
20 Mar 2018

Great Presentation.

Ellie Woods
06 Mar 2018


Xiaodong Ran
04 Mar 2018

Excellent presentation; relevant, clear and concise.

Teresa Perry
04 Mar 2018

Really good presentation..04/03/2018

Teresa Perry
04 Mar 2018

very informative!!!

Travis McAndrew
28 Feb 2018

Very educational

Lynette Whyte
22 Feb 2018

Short &sweet

Hemaltha piyaratna
17 Feb 2018

I was just getting into the lecture, it finished.

Lona Coles
16 Feb 2018

Really great information but very short.

Marilou Ortega
16 Feb 2018

good resource, informative

Ann Trebilcock
15 Feb 2018

Presenter had a great depth of knowledge but session was short.

Denise Pardoe
15 Feb 2018

Usefull reminder - Presenter had great depth of knowledge.

Denise Pardoe
15 Feb 2018


Barbara Stokes
14 Feb 2018

excellent presentation.

Barbara Stokes
14 Feb 2018

Very worth while,Getty ng the facts across in an interesting tutorial.

Geraldine luker
14 Feb 2018


joshua bold
13 Feb 2018

Very interesting. Important information given in a quick and concise way.

Julia Margaret Speakman
13 Feb 2018

As an enrolled nurse this information in this video is a grate reminder to revise on what we have all learnt at one time , and now to refresh our knowledge.

Christine Mann
27 Jun 2017