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What's the difference between a bacteria and a virus, and does it matter? Join Dr Joan Faoagali for a passionate and informative talk on how to recognise the difference between pathogens, and discover the 7 steps to becoming a successful human bug...


Joan Faoagali

Joan Faoagali qualified as a specialist pathologist in Dunedin, NZ, and has had roles including Director of Microbiology at Christchurch Hospital, Royal Brisbane Hospital, and the Princess Alexandra Hospital. She also has a Diploma in Clinical Pathology which required that she be competent in all branches of pathology. Joan has extensive experience teaching nurses, scientists and medical students and has multiple adjunct academic appointments, including Griffith University, University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology, as well as overseas appointments. Joan was the RCPA State Councillor for Queensland for six years and the Chief Examiner in microbiology for the RCPA for six years. She has an interest in clinical research and has over 100 published papers in peer-reviewed journals. She is particularly interested in the prudent use of antibiotics, prevention of cross infection, vaccination and the appropriate use and interpretation of pathology tests. Joan enjoys teaching and encouraging others to achieve their potential.



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Fantastic! Very interesting and informative. Great explanations and content

Ashley Grant
04 Sep 2018

Good article

Julie Miller
02 Apr 2018