Promoting Good Nutrition in Older Adults

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Five and two - these are the recommended serves of vegetables and fruit per day. Are you getting enough? What about the older adults you care for? Promoting good nutrition in older adults is essential for optimal quality of life, however with increasing time pressures and lack of support staff, facilitating good nutrition is becoming more of a challenge.


Portrait of Sandra Iuliano-Burns
Sandra Iuliano-Burns

Dr Sandra Iuliano-Burns (PhD) is a researcher at the University of Melbourne based at Austin Health. Her work focuses on the benefits of improved nutrition on falls and fracture risk in the elderly, especially those in aged care. Her current trial involves 60 aged-care facilities throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria and it is providing valuable insight into the rates of malnutrition in the elderly in aged care, the causes, effects and potential remedies. See Educator Profile

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First Published29 March 2017
Updated29 March 2017
16 May 2017
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