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Nurse Practitioners and other prescribers are now facing a challenging landscape of opioid and other analgesic dependence. When a patient presents requesting analgesia, what would you do? What resources and guidelines are available for navigating the challenging world of pain medications? Join Dr Jenny Gowan as she presents this interprofessional education to aid advanced clinicians with their prescribing choices.

Recorded: 21 Mar 2018


Engaging speaker, interesting topics and very current given recent changes to prescribing of coedine -- 05 Jun 2018
very good and the educator was engaging -- 05 Jun 2018
Overdosing of medications either opiates or non opiates are dangerous and education for such drugs side effects is vital to all the practitioners. -- 04 Jun 2018
Very well presented. -- 04 Jun 2018
Very Good and engaging -- 31 May 2018
excellent presentation -- 31 May 2018
Good -- 31 May 2018
Deepened my understanding of analgesia choices -- 31 May 2018
great lecture -- 31 May 2018
Very good. -- 31 May 2018
I thought this presentation is absolutely necessary for all nurses to keep up to date. -- 30 May 2018
very detailed and informative -- 30 May 2018
Very good. -- 30 May 2018
Found the discussion of alternatives to analgesics recently removed from the over the counter availability very helpful. Overall very comprehensive and informative covering an area that we know about but possibly have just started to see patients feeling the effects of no longer having what they have used for ages available. Highlights the need for effective assessment of both chronic and acute pain and identification of both. -- 30 May 2018
interesting speaker providing clarity as to the current evidence basie for differing analgesics. -- 29 May 2018
Interesting -- 29 May 2018