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Following on from an introductory talk on clotting issues in pregnancy, Dr Briony Cutts continues her fascinating and informative discussion on how thromboembolic disease is prevented and treated in the setting of pregnancy. This interdisciplinary education will help you to approach women experiencing DVT or PE in pregnancy from a different and more informed position.

Recorded: 12 Sep 2016


Very useful and informative -- 08 Jul 2018
Informative and interesting -- 11 Jun 2018
Good job -- 08 May 2018
Good knowledge and well presented. -- 01 May 2018
Good topic, relevant -- 24 Apr 2018
Very informative and well presented. I think it's really beneficial to our practice and our patient care to have a better understanding of the decision making process for treatment and prevention and implications for delivery. -- 07 Feb 2018
I found this session to be very informative. I recommend it to all health professionals. -- 24 Oct 2017