Positive Ageing

18m of CPD
Sue Hendy
07 May 2015

Mavis never socialised and was labelled "aggressive" by the staff at this residential aged care facility. Yet Sue Hendy managed to get Mavis along to a regular 4pm session of cards. How? This heartwarming talk will expand your view on what it means to 'age positively' and challenge you to think about how you perceive growing old.


Sue Hendy


Sue Hendy has a background of more than three decades of working as an advocate for older people. This has culminated in her present role as CEO at Council on the Ageing Victoria, which she has held over 13 years. Sue has previously worked in residential aged care, local and state government; predominantly with a focus on older people, but has also focused on women, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, people with disabilities and indigenous Australians. Sue is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops within Australia and overseas, workshop facilitator and is a regular guest on radio including ABC, 3AW and Golden Days Radio. Sue is also on many Taskforces, state committees and reviews relating to ageing and ageing well.


Teresa Perry14 Aug 2018
Sue Hendy is an inspiration speaker.

Mark James15 Jul 2018
Vdry informative

Adrienne Hokin08 Jul 2018
The educator presented this topic clearly with stories of improving the lives of the elderly

shea Hine04 Jul 2018
Brilliantly said, very insightful. Thank you!

Kerry Helwig18 Jun 2018
Positive changes ahead for aged care

Diane Robson31 May 2018
Great to have been a part of this

Suzanna Potter29 May 2018
Very well presented, and relevant to where I work.

Rhonda Briggs24 May 2018
Very informative.

Nichole Dutschke22 May 2018
Excellent advocate for our Ageing population

Carmel Green20 May 2018
I like this presenters realistic and and down to earth approach. I can see she would be a lovely advocate for elders in our care.

Kimberley McBride18 May 2018
Wonderful video straightforward and so positively engaging! Definitely made me re-think how I view older people and ageing and how I can create a more positive and meaningful difference in my work with older people. Well done!

Michele shanahan13 May 2018
A great presentation of thought provoking material

Lynne Richardson-Cooper11 May 2018
Great lecture Very interesting

Kerry Flude09 May 2018

Rita Burma09 May 2018

Alison D maddison06 May 2018
Very well put and most relevant

Helen Felsch05 May 2018
Always love to hear about our care in the field of the aged. Great presentation and insight.

Karen Gruber03 May 2018
Informative and positive information

Dorothy Bardoutsos02 May 2018
Great lecture

Chetna Sharma02 May 2018

Marian Soares27 Apr 2018
Interesting and inspiring.

Stephen Dunk25 Apr 2018
strongly recommend watching

Dianne Joy Beamish18 Apr 2018
Informative and thought provoking.

Dianne Joy Beamish18 Apr 2018
Enlightening, and enjoyable. The speaker has a terrific voice, lovely to listen to.

Anna Lau Hwee Tzer16 Apr 2018
Extremely good content and a brilliant presentor. Well done!

Maria Jennifer Trahair15 Apr 2018
enlightening topic

Robyn Poga15 Apr 2018
Thought provoking

Jhoanna de Castro15 Apr 2018
Nice topic, enlightening.

Rajwinder Kaur12 Apr 2018
Very informative and educator is well engaged and given realistic examples of challenges that we face at work.

Jenny whitbread11 Apr 2018
very interesting and informative session

Maree Findlay11 Apr 2018
Very enlightening.

Elizabeth Dodd11 Apr 2018
This made it realise I had stereotype ageism. Limiting my ability to think outside the box.

Brynie Riky10 Apr 2018
Fantastic resource.

Judy Berry09 Apr 2018
Very good resource for understanding that once you age, you don't have to be old... you are still a very valued member of a community (family, group etc).

Judy Berry09 Apr 2018
Informativee presentation. I believe people's attitudes towards the elderly need to change. Our seniors have a welath of knowledge and life experience in times that many of us had not even been born yet. It's a shame that older people are often put into the 'forgotten' or 'too hard basket'. They are still a valuable asset to our community.

Samjhana Khadka09 Apr 2018
It is good resource for positve aging.

Cheryl Algie09 Apr 2018
A very informative and interesting session

cheuk yi fung09 Apr 2018

Christine Lynette Kinross09 Apr 2018
Excellent lecture. Wonderful to listen to someone so passionate about their work and society at large regarding the ageing process.

Jennifer Francis09 Apr 2018
Interesting and informative

Marnie Took08 Apr 2018
Very knowledgeable and interesting lady to listen to

Kristine Lim07 Apr 2018
She was very experienced and used professional and unbiased language to help get her point across. Would definitely recommend to anyone who works with elderly patients, or even has an elderly person in their lives.

Agnes Asbury07 Apr 2018

Sarah Moore06 Apr 2018
A very engaging lecturer who knows her job and inspiring, projected through her personal experiences. She reminds people that the little things we do can have great impacts on people.

Soumyamol Binesh04 Apr 2018

Andreas Waltmann03 Apr 2018
It was very informative and brought across with much clarity > enjoyed the stories of personal experience that the presenter shared.

Gwenneth Morrison03 Apr 2018
Very practical in her approach and something everyone should think about and be more mindful when assisting patients.

Michele Selby20 Mar 2018
Excellent, especially for someone who works in aged care.

marianne duchemin burton25 Jun 2017

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