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Party drugs continue to grow in popularity in Australia as many more people appear to be engaging in recreational drug taking activities. This introductory session offers background on this phenomenon and helps you, as a healthcare professional, to get into the mindset of someone taking recreational party drugs, so to better provide the right care.


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John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald is an expert in Alcohol and Drug Policy. He is an associate professor at the University of Melbourne. He was previously acting CEO of VicHealth and a board director at Victoria's Northern Hospital. He has a PhD in pharmacology (on the drug ecstasy) and a second PhD in English on the discourse and language used to understand psychoactive substances. His research ranges across the policing of illicit drugs, the lived experience and cultural significance of psychoactive substance use, ranging across hallucinogenics, to stimulants, injectable opiates and alcohol. He is currently completing a book on drugs and pain.




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jane prezma
16 Feb 2019

I found this lecturer engaging, he removed the hysteria surrounding this issue with clear statistics and practical methods to cope with this issue and reduce the harm to our youth, and exposes the manipulation of the 'party goers' by the commercial elements at these functions.

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Teresa Dempsey
15 Feb 2019

Wished The split screen was utilised more. Slides were out up to help give Group a visual understanding related to comments, but in first half of talk you didn’t see these. Otherwise was a good video talk.

Portrait of Karen Church
Karen Church
14 Feb 2019

Interesting and relevant.

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Michelle Mulholland
12 Feb 2019

An insightful lecture and guide for understanding the mindset of persons using "party drugs", from the perspective of health provision and harm minimisation.

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Jennifer Ireland
10 Feb 2019

Highly recommended.

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Alexandra Samuels
10 Feb 2019

Very informative topic with a knowledgeable, excellent speaker.

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Philip Mason
09 Feb 2019

This topic was informative and relevant to my scope of practice

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Christine Powys
07 Feb 2019

Very well presented and informative.

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Nicholas Stewart Cleave
07 Feb 2019

Great presentation, clear and informative, very engaging