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Take a look at the pharmacology of common recreational drugs found at clubs, parties, festivals and other social events and how they are changing the way we practice healthcare. This session focuses on recreational drugs that have a sedative effect including benzos, opioids, ketamine and nitrate.


Portrait of Shaun Greene
Shaun Greene

Dr Shaun Greene is a clinical toxicologist and emergency medicine physician who works at Austin Health in Melbourne. He is currently medical director of the Victorian Poisons Information Centre and director of the Austin Hospital Clinical Toxicology Service. Shaun trained as a clinical toxicologist in the United Kingdom where he developed a keen professional interest in recreational drugs. His research interests include novel psychoactive substances and pharmaceutical opioid harm reduction.




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Shamiso Dzinavatonga
20 Apr 2019

well presented.

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Amy leisemann
18 Apr 2019

Very interesting and educational good examples stated.

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Donna Sebille
10 Apr 2019

This was a very informative presentation. Lots of new knowledge gained

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Rhiannon Evans
10 Apr 2019

Well presented and easy to understand A topic that we need to talk and learn more about

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Dan O'Rourke
10 Apr 2019

Dr. Greene is a wealth of knowledge and wonderful presenter. Thank you Shaun.

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Meryl Gay
03 Apr 2019

Excellent. Encouraged more reading in the subject.

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Kerry Enslin
03 Apr 2019

Extremely interesting, informative and well explained- I enjoyed this very much.

Portrait of Joshua Vo
Joshua Vo
03 Apr 2019

A nice brief overview of popular party drugs used by adolescents today, with a concise and structured lecture highlighting each drugs mechanism of action, pharmacodynamic, and treatment.

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Anthony Ozols
30 Mar 2019

Generally a good VLA with examples

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Michael John Gill
26 Mar 2019

Informative and provided myself with a basic understanding of the presentations of clients affected by part drugs, such as sedatives.