Medicines that do not need to be medically obtained via a prescription can still be misused and even abused. Over the counter medicines can be purchased from pharmacies, health food retailers and even supermarkets. The most common culprits include medicines that are frequently administered by nurses. Found out why these substances are fraught with danger.

Recorded: 21 Sep 2017


Very interesting -- 21 Apr 2018
I found this video informative and very helpful -- 21 Apr 2018
Top notch -- 13 Apr 2018
Good -- 10 Apr 2018
Good presentation -- 02 Apr 2018
good presentation -- 27 Mar 2018
Interesting base level conversation starting information. Not at a level where you could influence much change in a workplace e.g. Influencing prescribers, but good to know for a personal level anyway. -- 01 Mar 2018
Brilliant lecture. -- 13 Nov 2017


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