Kate Bell
06 December 2017

Osteoporosis and Low Trauma Fractures

Fractures occuring due to osteoporosis are frighteningly common and undiagnosed. Join Kate Bell for this update and follow on from her lecture entitled "Fragile Bones - Minimal Trauma Fractures in the Older Person" to learn about how osteoporosis affects the bone and the ongoing consequences this can have for the person affected.


Kate Bell


Kate has worked in a major tertiary hospital in Queensland since 2007. Her work has centred on general orthopaedic nursing including trauma, aged care and making the link between low trauma fracture and osteoporosis. Kate's qualifications include a Masters of Nurse Practitioner Studies (special interest in Osteoporosis) and Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Ageing and Dementia Studies). Kate is passionate about sharing information and improving the identification and treatment of osteoporosis in ageing adults.


emma honner24 Jul 2018

Valerie Courreges30 May 2018
Fast moving and informative

Devika Nandanimala27 May 2018

Melissa Schuberg23 May 2018
Informative and concise lecture.

Sallianne Reed18 May 2018
excellent tutorial

caragh pugh12 May 2018

Janelle McIntosh09 May 2018

Very informative.

Susan Mitchell23 Apr 2018
Very informative

Soumyamol Binesh04 Apr 2018

Tina Hawkins31 Mar 2018
This was a very informative lecture.

C.Moore Hardy27 Mar 2018
As I work in the community I am constantly aware of the potential for patients to fall. this resource has proved highly beneficial in the latest techniques, protocols and pharmacological possibilities now available.

Steven Walker24 Mar 2018

Michele Selby23 Mar 2018
Interesting and relevant

Lauren Marriott20 Mar 2018
Very relevant

Lei Zhang18 Mar 2018
very good explanation and presentation

Teresa Perry15 Mar 2018
Well presented with really good information.

Janine Bates08 Mar 2018

Alison Lodge02 Mar 2018
This lecture was useful and precise

Andrew Markula01 Mar 2018
Great lecture, concise and well presented.

Robyn Lawry26 Feb 2018
Very good I formation.

mary susan delos reyes20 Feb 2018
very informative and well presented

Dianne Duggen14 Feb 2018
Very well presented and informative

Angela Fitzgerald12 Feb 2018
Excellent presentation Factual plus interesting The FRAX risk reduction and increased awareness of treatment available for osteoporosis

Julia Margaret Speakman11 Feb 2018
Very interesting

Muna Rai09 Feb 2018
Very informative

Eva Bodnar07 Feb 2018
Was exxellent, recommend to everyone, who works at aged care

Interesting seminar, good coverage on prevention and how to treat osteoporosis. People with Coeliac disease also need to be educated about osteoporosis as it can be severe and more and more people are diagnosed with these types of diseases and affect the bones. Drs need to be more aware.

Chetna Sharma06 Feb 2018
Informative and explanatory.

Charysse Gosney04 Feb 2018
Very informative

Renu Renu02 Feb 2018
I found this lecture very informative and knowledgeable.It increases the awareness among people’s how to take preventions from such diseases.

Sonya Cox30 Jan 2018

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