Brittle Bones - An Introduction to Osteoporosis

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Who is more at risk of osteoporosis? What are the treatments? How can you calculate a risk of fracture? Kate Bell presents this comprehensive and thorough overview of osteoporosis and why this condition is so costly in Australia.


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Kate Bell

Kate has worked in a major tertiary hospital in Queensland since 2007. Her work has centred on general orthopaedic nursing including trauma, aged care and making the link between low trauma fracture and osteoporosis. Kate's qualifications include a Masters of Nurse Practitioner Studies (special interest in Osteoporosis) and Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Ageing and Dementia Studies). Kate is passionate about sharing information and improving the identification and treatment of osteoporosis in ageing adults. See Educator Profile

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First Published13 September 2017
Updated13 September 2017
27 August 2019
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