Oral Antiplatelet Agents

12m of CPD
Jenny Gowan
18 February 2015

Aspirin may be the most common anti-platelet agent in use, but is it the safest? For decades, Aspirin has been used prophylactically, yet research is starting to show that there is no place for aspirin in stroke prevention. Navigating the minefield of anti-platelet agents can be confusing, and keeping up with current research can be hard. So let Dr Jenny Gowan guide you through the latest information on anti-platelets, and allow her to dissolve your confusion.


Jenny Gowan


Jenny, a practicing pharmacist, is a teaching associate at Monash University, Melbourne. She is a member of the PSA Branch committee, the Expert Group for Therapeutic Guidelines – Respiratory, an editorial board member of AUS-DI, SHPA "Don’t Rush to Crush", and the Guidelines Committee for the Australian Asthma Handbook (AAH). Jenny is an accredited consultant pharmacist who conducts her own company, which focuses on medication reviews in the home and aged care facilities, plus education, writing, training, and consultation. Jenny works regularly in community pharmacy plus sessions in a GP clinic at a Community Health Centre. She has published over 350 educational articles. Jenny has presented talks at many Australian and international conferences to GPs, nurse practitioners, nurses, podiatrists, pharmacists, and other health professionals. In 2013, she was awarded the Australian Pharmacist of the Year by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and, in 2016, the AACP-MIMs Australian Consultant Pharmacist of the Year.


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Chetna Sharma31 Mar 2018
This activity is directly relevant to my scope as a registered nurse, and is an area of my practice that I needed more research on. As such... Engaging in this activity has improved my ability to provide improved patient care in the area of medications. This online learning provided me with new knowledge and reinforced existing knowledge, which is directly transferable to my work. I do not foresee any barriers getting in the way of applying this. I am likely to change my practice and...

Rachel Shakespeare15 Mar 2018
It was very informative

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Very knowledgable.

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Sharon Leanne Hackett18 Jan 2018
Very good speaker.

Annabelle Gottschald17 Jan 2018
Very informative

Hanna Forrest08 Jan 2018
Good, short resource with some insight into anti-platelets and the risk vs benefits.

Mark Randy Arroyo07 Jan 2018
Good short presentation

Mark Randy Arroyo27 Nov 2017
Informative and useful.

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