Assessment and Management of Opioid Overdose

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Lecture Overview

In someone presenting with an opioid overdose, it is critical to remember that people do not die from not enough naloxone, but rather they die from not breathing. Maintenance of respiration is the single most important point to remember when managing these patients. This succinct yet informative talk will cover the essential points of overdose assessment and management, and is a must-watch for any critical care health professional.


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Shaun Greene

Dr Shaun Greene is a clinical toxicologist and emergency medicine physician who works at Austin Health in Melbourne. He is currently medical director of the Victorian Poisons Information Centre and Director of the Austin Hospital Clinical Toxicology Service. Shaun trained as a clinical toxicologist in the United Kingdom where he developed a keen professional interest in recreational drugs. His research interests include novel psychoactive substances and pharmaceutical opioid harm reduction. See Educator Profile