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What does a person who is 'addicted to opioids' look like to you? The increasing misuse and abuse of opioids and other prescription medicines is affecting people from all walks of life. This introductory session tells a story of how a person’s life can gradually be taken over by dependence to prescription medicines. It will explain the cascade of consequences that accompany this addiction but also reveal how recovery is possible.

Recorded: 20 Sep 2017


Interesting. -- 25 May 2018
Interesting -- 12 Oct 2017
Very informative personal account of her addiction and recovery. -- 11 Oct 2017
This is a fantastic lecture, thank you for sharing your story. It has changed my perspective. -- 10 Oct 2017
Very good to see the other side of this awful problem. -- 10 Oct 2017
Thank you -- 09 Oct 2017