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In recent times, the concept of 'health coaching' has begun to emerge as an effective strategy for partnering with consumers of healthcare and affecting behavioural change to improve health outcomes. Join Dr Karen-Ann Clarke as she unpacks just who can become a health coach and what it is they do. Is this the new career for you?

Recorded: 22 Oct 2017


A helpful and useful talk promoting holistic health care -- 19 May 2018
I have completed the COACH Program and this talk confirms that Health Coaching is still the way to go for individual/group change for a healthier life/lifestyle. -- 06 Dec 2017
I'm fascinated by the passion in this short Overview and decided to take the training. -- 29 Nov 2017
The video had some technical issues, repeated the same part over and over, so a bit distraction and took away from the presenter. -- 22 Nov 2017
wonderful speaker with a genuine passion and wealth of knowledge in her field -- 22 Nov 2017
I really enjoyed this talk. This is the area that I am most interested in and would love to pursue -- 22 Nov 2017
Excellent topic -- 04 Nov 2017


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