Whether you are thinking of moving into an educator role, are new to this space, or have been in nursing education longer than some of your staff have been alive, this introductory session will look at the current climate, challenges, and opportunities that exist for Great Nurse Educators.

Recorded: 13 Dec 2017


Interesting to find out how to gain the information via round table and other methods and to use this to better understand what needs to have education directed at -- 01 Apr 2018
Good insight into what makes an effective nurse educator. -- 24 Mar 2018
Michelle was experienced and engaging and highlighted some good points, would be good to hear more of what she has to say . -- 21 Mar 2018
Educator, was excellent. She had a fantastic delivery ability, ensuring those in the class setting were 'awake', by her use of humour and sense of allegiance with her peers. Her succinct blackboard notes, were point form perfection and after the video I felt inspired. She made me laugh, interact and understand exactly what she was discussing & trying to teach, in a simple format. -- 07 Feb 2018
Excellent information & delivery. Enjoyed Michelle's sense of humour & honesty. -- 06 Feb 2018
This session was so enthusiastic and interesting.It helps me to be a great nurse educator. -- 05 Feb 2018
Could be better facilitated -- 29 Jan 2018